Myofascial Release


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Myofascial tissue is the glue and suspension of everything in our body. A system of the body, rarely documented in anatomy literature. Research shows that fascia has an important role to the functioning of the body. Your myofascia is like spiders web that spreads throughout your body wrapping around muscle, soft tissues, joints and organs. Pain from trauma or surgeries may be due to restricted fascia. If your muscles and joints feel tight and achy, myofascial release could be an effective treatment modality. Myofascial restriction causes areas of the body to feel ‘stuck’, painful or inflexible. Think about that over head squat that pulls you forward, that could be fascial restrictions.

The superficial fascia sits between the skin and muscle, myofascial release works to encourage the sliding surfaces of the skin to move easier over the muscles. This improves posture and enables easier movement. A hands-on technique that involves gentle sustained pressure to move the fascia (band) to the point of resistance.

This is a great solution for anyone who has been working long hours sitting, doing repetitive movements or have been involved in intense sporting activities or dance, myofascial release is a great way to maintain your body’s well being.

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