Dry Needling


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This is a way of us manipulating a muscle we cannot access with standard soft tissue techniques. This technique uses a filament or as you would know an acupuncture needle. Once the areas of tightness have been identified in the problem muscles, the needle is inserted and may be manipulated for a short period. The intention is to disrupt abnormal neural input to the section of muscle that has either increased or reduced tone. While the needle is being manipulated there may be a twitch response or cramp like feeling, this is a spinal reflex which restores the normal neural and chemical environment. Afterwards there can be an ache which can last between 2hrs to 2 days, but once worn off there will likely be improvements to your movement, pain levels, quality of function and sleep.

Dry needling

Is Dry Needling like Traditional Acupuncture?

No. While both dry needling and acupuncture use the same solid filament needles, their philosophies are very different. Acupuncture is based on traditional oriental medicine and focuses on the flow of energy within the body. Dry needling is based on western medical principles and research. Dry needling focuses on the neuromuscular systems, affecting muscle flexibility, joint mobility, and pain.

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