Making your new years resolutions stick

The new years resolution are often dreams we wish to aim for. Often achievable, but without a plan of action we often see these ideas fade within the first month.

Happy new year to everyone. With the start of a new year comes the promise of something better. New year’s resolutions seem pretty cliché, but they do offer us the best time, if not the only time in the year to reflect on the previous year and a chance to set some personal goals to achieve in the coming year.

Whether its fitness goals of running a half marathon, a bigger lifting total or just getting up off the sofa and doing daily walks. Or weight loss, changing to whole food or starting fasting. Or mental goals, having more “me” time, doing mindfulness, meditation or being stricter with your work/life balance.

The list goes on, being able to achieve any of these goals won’t happen overnight but having the right strategy you should be able to achieve them.

Defining your Goal

Having a loose resolution with no direction or steps to achieve is not only disappointing if you fail but off putting to try again. Having goals instead of resolutions will give you structure, making it more likely for you to stick to and motivating once you hit your target. One of the best ways of structuring your goal is by making it SMART.

Specific – Clearly defining your goal. What do you want to achieve? Concentrate your efforts by making sure the goal is to the point.

Measurable – Track your journey along the way with milestones. If you cannot track it, you don’t know how you’re progressing.

Attainable – Realistic goals are important. Is there something else you must achieve before making the next step? 

Relevant – Make sure the goal matters to you in your current situation. Having goals that move in the same direction are more attainable.

Timely – Setting a deadline will make it more likely to be achieved and having the milestones along the way helps you get there.

Creating habits to achieve your goals

Goals are perfect to give us a sense of achievement. But for most of the common new year’s resolutions, they are huge life style changes and to achieve these it requires a change of habits.

Habits are only achieved through daily repetition before it becomes a normal part of life. If your resolution is to lose weight then creating new habits such as preparing healthy snacks and meals in the evening, regular sleep patterns 7-8 hrs per night, 1 litre of water per day, incorporate daily fitness that you enjoy whether its starting off with walking or a High Intensity workout.

Be prepared for road bumps and setbacks, but if you’ve seen progress focus on this to keep motivated. Let your family/friends know about your lifestyle changes, so they are prepared, and it holds you accountable.

Fundamental Physio Newmarket wants you to achieve both long and short-term goals. Whether it’s an injury free 2019, or that nagging injury you’ve been dealing with. The appointment schedule is open for the new year. 

Author: Graeme Lawson

With more than 13 years working both in the UK and New Zealand, Graeme offers a vast amount of experience and knowledge when treating musculoskeletal conditions. Being part of various clubs on the grass roots level to international with the England Volleyball team he has developed a broad skill set. His patient’s see exceptional results from a progressive blend of hands on manual therapy, education and exercise prescription. Catering from the home and work related injuries to athletes from novice to elite levels. Graeme’s outlook is the same with all who visit, that prevention is better than the cure. While providing a variety of hands-on treatments, he knows how important it is to offer education, preventative advice and tailored exercises to continue long after you have been discharged, helping avoid injuries in the future. For pastimes he has played basketball over the last couple of decades at different national levels. Graeme has also been doing CrossFit for 6 years. Having both the knowledge and ability of these technical movements provides athletes confidence with the advice they receive.

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