Surviving the Silly Season

The Holidays are an easy time to let go, but when trying to get back to your regular routine can always be be an uphill climb.

The festive season has begun and it’s that time where normal routines spiral out of control. Making it harder to return to your normal once the dust settles in the new year. Here are some things to consider over the holidays to keep you on track!

exercise-icon-19 (1)Keep Moving

Taking time off over Christmas is perfect for doing something new and challenging. Get involved with the family and enjoy it all together. You might be away from home so getting more creative with what you can do.

Try things like…

  • Paddle boarding or kayaking
  • Going off for a hike in the bush
  • Taking up power walking or running
  • Beach cricket or Volleyball
  • Snorkeling
  • Take up swimming
  • Work on the garden

Make up your own HIIT workout with body weight movements. Last year I posted the Holiday WOD, this might give you some ideas.

Smart Slider with ID: 106

Try to fit in exercise of at least 30 minutes a day, this will have you feeling better for it.

Keep HydratedCircle-icons-water.svg

With the summer arriving, it can be hard to judge how hydrated you are. Plus, with the extra consumption of alcohol, hydration levels will deplete quicker.  Keep an eye on your pee! The darker the colour the more urgent you’ll need to up your H20.

meditation iconEnjoy Quality Food

It’s the time of year we “let loose” and then a week later set really high standards with new years resolutions. Pick and choose when you want to have the treats, just don’t make every meal a cheat meal.

Intersperse it with eating good quality food, then by New year you won’t feel so guilty and will be able to set a goal that is more realistic.

Finding Time To Relaxexercise-icon-19

The weeks before the actual holiday start can be extremely stressful with organising the family, work deadlines, Christmas parties etc.

Using the holidays as a time to regulate your stress levels. Try to think about yourself also during this time.

Some ideas…

  • Spa day
  • Work on a breathing practice
  • Meditation youtube/app
  • Take up a beginner’s yoga class
  • Relax on the beach

How often do you get time off work for this long? Having a balance of relaxation and play is important to recharge and be ready for the new year.

Have a merry Christmas and Healthy AND Happy New Year!

Author: Graeme Lawson

With more than 13 years working both in the UK and New Zealand, Graeme offers a vast amount of experience and knowledge when treating musculoskeletal conditions. Being part of various clubs on the grass roots level to international with the England Volleyball team he has developed a broad skill set. His patient’s see exceptional results from a progressive blend of hands on manual therapy, education and exercise prescription. Catering from the home and work related injuries to athletes from novice to elite levels. Graeme’s outlook is the same with all who visit, that prevention is better than the cure. While providing a variety of hands-on treatments, he knows how important it is to offer education, preventative advice and tailored exercises to continue long after you have been discharged, helping avoid injuries in the future. For pastimes he has played basketball over the last couple of decades at different national levels. Graeme has also been doing CrossFit for 6 years. Having both the knowledge and ability of these technical movements provides athletes confidence with the advice they receive.

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